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The oomph is a dynamic collective that ignites the creativity of artists and cultural trailblazers. Born from a spark of inspiration in 2018, it fully came to fruition in 2020, becoming a beacon for those who wish to bring their imaginative ideas to the forefront.


The 00mph project is committed to advancing music, art, and culture with a focus on the here-and-now. Our goal is to encourage and inspire people to explore their own creativity and work collectively with other like-minded artists to create new and unique pieces of art.

We work hard to produce unique products and artwork that creates positive artists and broadens their audience. Our intention is to encourage others to discover the artist within themselves and to act and behave in ways that ignite their own sense of individuality and creativity. Come along with us as we work together to live in the moment and create something new out of nothing in order to spread the light of creation.

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